Shakespeare’s Stars

Shakespeare’s Stars is a multi-sensory, immersive performance experience that introduces Shakespeare’s text to the littlest of ears: audiences aged 0-2 and their caregivers. Focused around the stars and our place in the universe, the text we’ve selected centers around the relationship between the intimate and the infinite; about the universal bonds that bind us together as well as our individual relationships.

Shakespeare’s Stars is a celebration of the family, the fate that brings us together, and the cosmos. It is an exploration of life, love, and light.

Shakespeare’s Stars is created by Valerie Clayman Pye with Spellbound Theatre. Spellbound Theatre creates tiny theatre for tiny people.

Valerie is delighted to collaborate as a lead artist, along with Spellbound Theatre artistic director Lauren Jost, on Shakespeare’s Stars.

“When you’re talking babies, you can be as avant garde as you want”

Mary Rose Lloyd, New 42 Artistic Director (Wall Street Journal 1.9.2020)
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